Domain Names

SLF Design will help you choose a domain name that represents your business.

  • We will check for availability and register the domain name for you. The charge for SLF Design to register a domain name is $22.00/year. You will be billed annually by SLF Design. This includes setting up email forwarding and/or a parking page.

Until your Web site is up and running, SLF Design will provide a link to the SLF Design site which states that your site is under construction. We will also provide contact information and set up email forwarding for you.

Web Site Design

There are 4 options for web design:

  1. If your domain is registered through SLF Design, You get an email address and a parking page. Although there is no additional monthly hosting for this space, there is a $50.00 set-up fee.
  2. SLF Design can be billed on a per page basis at $150.00 per page. So if you only want two pages it would be $300.00. These pages would be designed specifically for you in your choice of colors and layout.
  3. WordPress website ~ Base price: $500.00.
    • CMS site with a custom design.
    • Content (5-6 pages) Final content shall be supplied by the CLIENT via email or diskette.
    • Graphics. Company logo or other images furnished by CLIENT will be added to the site at no additional charge. The cost for Royalty Free images purchased on behalf of the CLIENT will be billed to the CLIENT.
  4. Create a site at rate of $65.00/hour.

Database set-up is extra. The price depends on the size and what programing is nececessary.

Shopping Cart set-up is extra.

Web Site Hosting

SLF Design offers hosting for your site. Hosting will be billed on a quarterly or annual basis. Hosted accounts have unlimited email account and SSL (https) listings. WordPress Core, theme and plugin updates are included. Our current basic hosting only fee is $10.00 per month.

Web Site Maintenance

Periodic updating is billed at our current hourly rate($50.00/hour as of 1/1/21). If you wish to be billed quarterly for for hosting and maintenance the current rate is $30.00/month, 8 hours of maintenance are included over a 12 month period.


Domain registration and one half of the total Web Site Design fee is due before any work is started. The first quarter hosting fees and the balance of the Web Site Design fee are due upon completion.